Project: World War III

"The WW3 project, is a revolutionary new simulation. Ranging from Desert Storm to World War 3, this simulation allows users to fight in the air, land, or sea. Immerse yourself in the realistic dynamic campaigns, or battle it out with other players in the WW3 Arena. The Arena is a global scale war, with 100's of human opponents and allies, and is the heart of the WW3 project."

Thats the lil marketing blurb around it ;) On this page Ill show you some of the "Behind the Scenes" images from the WW3 project (Still a working title by the way), with some testrenders of the meshes Im building and texturing and when available Ill post a few screenshots of them in action.

My work on this project is brainstorming and helping out with the project in general but my focus is on the lowpoly air-vehicles (planes, rotary and whatnot). This shows the first lowpoly of me ever you can expect to see the quality to increase from the first to the latest ones..

Work In Progress:

[This page is a tad heavy right now, since the images are scaled in HTML and not as thumbnails, please bear with me..]

CH-46 Sea Knight
[01 22 2001] - A late night thing, I put this together in an hour or two I think. I was modelling the Huey when I found a few nice pictures of the Sea Knight, so I just decided to model it, lets see if we can find a spot for it in the demo we are working on (its currently not)..

Bell UH-1Y Twin Huey
[01 24 2001] - So, hum.. remade the mesh -- again. Think I finally have it optimized enough so that Im happy and Im still under the limit to add some nifty weapons later on.. So right now, the windows are objects that can be shot and destroyed, all doors except the gunner ones can be opened. I started to do the final textures as well, you can see my 20 minutes worth right here:

[01 23 2001] - Refined those texture coordinates now that I know how to do it more properly.. so.. started applying the basecoat:

[01 22 2001] - One of those late night evenings, started on both this and the Sea Knight, worked on this one and after an hour or so of tweaking I figured out how to actually start to texture these things ;).. I thought it would be more complex.. but I guess not..

And no.. that red stuff isnt blood or nothing.. just a few red splotches that I drew on the texture to figure out whats what..

Boeing Harrier-II AV-B8
[01 20 2001] - Started out with this first mesh over the weekend. This lowpoly stuff is wierd.. and this one is quite a tad over the limit right now, so -- have to start tweaking it.

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