Name: Johan Thorngren
Contact address: trinisica at (googles email) dot com
                        please put [trinisica] in the subject.
Nationality: Swedish citizenship.

Short CV
2003-present Industrial Light & Magic (SF) - Digital Matte Artist
2003-2004     Pixelsquare (Stockholm) - Freelancing TD/CG Artist
2003-2003     Visual Art (Stockholm) - CG Artist
2002-2003     Kaktus Film (Stockholm) - CG Artist
2000-2001     Sapient (San Francisco) - Design Director
1998-2000     Icon Medialab Inc (San Francisco) - Creative Director
1997-1998     Icon Medialab S.A (Madrid) - Designer
1996-1997     Icon Medialab (Stockholm) - Designer
       1996     M Media (Uppsala/Västerås)- Creative Director
1994-1996     Timewarp Design (Uppsala) - Designer

Work featured
- Promotional artwork for Splutterfish's Brazil R/S; including numerous magazine articles and Siggraph 2001, 2002.
- "Champagne" used in the editorial for the New Year edition of the italian CG magazine "CGT&A"
- Work shown in .ExE magazine published by IDG
- 3 'Excellence' awards from Planet3dart, 2 from, one from, work placed in the, Highend3d, max3d galleries among others.
- Credited for SFX in Nydenion - Independent German Sci-Fi Movie
- Received over 200 mentions in online and offline publications for work for Mercedes Benz
- Mercedes Benz featured in "Cool Sites: Freeze-Framed and Down Cold" (Hearst Book Intl, Roger Walton/Baird Duncan, Sept 1998)
- Mercedes Benz featured in "Website Graphics Now" (Thames & Hudson, Noel Douglas , June 1999)
- DeTomaso Mangusta awarded "International Web Page Award" for "Creative Excellence" [April 2000]
- DeTomaso Mangusta Design featured in numerous online and offline publications
- Design for the Swedish Navy was recognized as "Outstanding" by Internetworld [IDG published]
- Design for the Swedish Navy was recognized by Resume [Swedish equivalent of Adweek]
- Design for Ecpat was recognized by Resume [Swedish equivalent of Adweek]
- Interviewed by Stylelab.
- Featured at Kaliber10.000
- Coolstop Award - "Best of Cool" [Mars 2000]
- Invited to contribute to Invertebrae Cityscope section

Just for Statistics