Nokia 3210 [Max 4.x Version]
Click to download Scene
    As promised -- the "scene" file of the Nokia 3210 phone that can be seen in the "images" section. Feel free to use as you like, but give credit if used in an public image.

It was made available to show some people how a polymodelled mesh can look like. Though, this isn't even close to being a good modelled mesh but it might give some people some spark of ideas ;).

Note that Brazil 0.2.x [available through Splutterfish] and Max 4.x is needed to render the phone in its current state, I might convert it to standard scanline later on.

Download ZIP file [~ 824 kb]

More info:
- The "Production Renderer" is set up to do a low DOFd render.
- The "Draft Renderer" is set up to do skylight only.
- Note that most of the back of the phone is lacking several parts, feel free to add those if you'd like ;)

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