In this section Ill continute to put up some scripts that Ive finished and find stable enough to let you guys have fun with ;) Some of them are just experiments, others might be very useful tools.

MAX 4 : Area Light
This sript is basically just a way for me to remove some of the time it take for me to do them manually. Its very simple right now, but I hope to expand on it as time goes by. It basically just lets you create and manage an "array" of lights very simply. Resolution of the light is set with the amount of segments on the plane.

Installation instructions are included. It works as an extension to the plane object, so you can find it under "Geometry" under "Trinisica" in the pulldown.

download latest version: [Area Light. v0.0.8]

For the French version of MAX (kindly 'translated' and given to me by Jean-Charles Henry): [Area Light. v0.0.8 for Max4 French]

Extended Information:
- The script will work in both Scanline and later versions of Brazil R/S, earlier (or the current public versions) can crash after render. FinalRender will not let you render using this script. Vray does not render this arealight.
- The script might work in MAX r3.x, the basic functions [shadowmaps/raytrace/bitmaps] of the script is verified and do work properly.

Installation Instructions:
[1] If you have installed a early version of the arealight script go to your max/scripts/startup folder and delete it [named something like]. Close Max if you have it running at this point as well.
[2] Copy the file [] to your scripts/startup directory
[3] Start max. :)
[4] Under the [Create] menu you will find the [Trinisica] sublevel where the arealight can be found.

Usage Instructions:
- To use a bitmap as a base for the coloring of the area light, fetch the material from the scene and add the bitmap (nothing else will work) to the diffuse slot. Then you have to apply a UVW modifier to the stack of the arealight and have it set on planar, remember that you need to adjust the UVW modifier if you change the dimensions of the arealight.
- Remember that the 'lights' it arrays over the surface is based on the vertices of the area light object. Avoid too high numbers as it will make Max very unstable.
- The shadow parameters work exactly as the 'normal' light in Max -- since they are the same.

Version History:
01.04.2002 - Version 0.0.8 -- Bitmap support added for color values to arealight, not 'projection'. Added some warnings before generation and automatic addition of UVW modifier. Fixed some general issues.
12.28.2001 - Version 0.0.7 -- Decay for light. Jitter option added - should be able to bring the 'samples' down.
12.27.2001 - Version 0.0.6 -- Color option for light, and renderable switch added.


Shadow casting example.. Another shadow casting example.

Light using values in the bitmap Shadow casting with a bitmapped arealight.

Feel free to send in any examples that you feel could be a good example of the arealight usage, email to - trinisica at (googles email) dot com

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