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Satsumas Mandarin

High Above Uppsala

Still Life : Translucent

Happy 2K1 : Champagne

Work In Progress:
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F/A-18 D

Earth, v2

Nokia 3210

Mediterranean Stairs


Valkyrie VF1A

Fw. Projekt VII

J35 J Draken

Apollo - 1 hour modelling timelapsed

   Created solely to showcase me modeling something, just happened to be this stylistic male torso.

Download: Multiple formats available on page

Valkyrie VF-1A - Reflective turntable

   Just an experiment, rendered out this little spin of the VF1A with a black, fully reflecting material.

Download: 640x480; ~500kb; Divx

J35 J Draken - Turntable

   A camera spin of the J35 J Draken model. Contains a few, misstakes.

Download: 600x334; ~740kb; Divx


   3D effects and modelling for independent German movie project. More information will follow. The link currently takes you to the image page of this specific image.

The official homepage of the movie is available at :: http://www.nydenion.de

Where Angels Dare

   Mankind has conquered the sky and the earth. The oceans and deep space. Now its time to conquer their past.

"Where Angels Dare" is a sci-fi oriented story, set at a time of world unrest - almost 40 years after the colonization of Mars.

"Where Angels Dare" is currently the work name of my attempt at putting my ideas of story-telling to use. Its currently written in a script form and will probably be used as a basis for some imagery later down the road.

Since May 2001, I'm a member of the Brazil dev crew and have from that point started to collect various small testrenders of sorts but never really indexed them. So, starting now Ill try to save out renders I do and put them on this page with some statistics so that you might see what I'm doing currently or just see what sorta of test images I've been messing with.

Images/scenes that are more complex usually end up in the "images" (don't miss it ;) gallery instead, examples of that is: J35 J Draken, Mediterranean Stairs, Frosty, Nokia 3210 and various other model specific test renders.

All 0.3.x and 0.4.x renders are done on a Dual P3 1ghz, if not indicated otherwise.

Brazil R/S - Internal Beta

A little remake with the zippo, better wood texture. More visible caustics. [1 arealight + skylight]

Just something quick and dirt while trying out the new DOF sampler, grain is added in post. [1 arealight + skylight]

Just an evul little dragon; Rendertime: 4min. No AA. [1 arealight] [Model by 3rd Party]

Something that evolved from a little test of mimicing a photograph.. [1 arealight + skylight]

Something.. abstract. DOF. Rendertime: 13m45s [1 pointlight]

More.. abstract. DOF. Rendertime: 5m20s [1 pointlight]

Low AA. Regathered. Rendertime: 10m04s [1 pointlight + skylight] [Model and textures by 3rd Party]

Low AA. Photon maps.. Rendertime: 6m54s [1 arealight + skylight] [Model and textures by 3rd Party]

100 glasses with liquid. Caustics... Rendertime: 3m54s [1 pointlight]

Needed a little break from some projects, so threw this very quick scene together. King of lighters huh. Rendertime; about 1 hour. [1 arealight + skylight]

Fooling around with GI and compositing. Rendertime; about 3 hours for all layers. [1 arealight + skylight] [Model and textures by 3rd Party]

Just playing with a old model and the toon shader. Rendertime; around one minute. [1 pointlight]

3 sequential images from a little test animation I did a while back. [1 pointlight + skylight]

Just a quick image with a mesh Im working on. [2 or 3 point lights]

An image of a Sith Fish ;P About 10 minutes rendertime. [1 arealight and several other point lights]

Transfered this scene into Brazil to check how it rendered and have to say it did it with flying colors.. [1 point light]

A photonmapped, absorption blobb. [1 point light]

HDRI test; All illumination from HDR map. [No lights in scene] [Model by 3rd Party]

HDRI test; All illumination from HDR map. [No lights in scene] [Model by 3rd Party]

Just an example of the speculars generated from the area lights.

Brazil R/S - 0.2.prerelease (internal)

Toon shader test..

Toon shader test..

Psheres, psheres and teapot; DOF'd HDRI render. [Area light for caustics]

Absorption Geeze; Notice the absorption on the Geese, blue is more intense in the thicker areas.. [1 area light]

Dispersion Geeze. [1 area light]

HDRI render. [Area light for caustics]

Cornell Aquarium; Photon caustics and GI. Slightly spherical lens as well.. [1 Area light]

Painting w/ Light. Reflective caustics using photons. [1 Area light]

Dusty Cylinder w/ cube; Reflective and refractive photons [1 Area light]

View the explanation, and then view the animation in either Quicktime or Divx 4.01

Reflective, sub-surface scattering Athene. [1 Area light] [Model by 3rd Party]

Subsurface Scattering; Fish eye lens again ;) [3 Point lights].

Subsurface Scattering; Fish eye lens. [3 Point lights].

Subsurface Scattered blob; [1 Area lights].

Subsurface Scattering. Cloth like material, hopefully you'll see more of this setup in a few weeks. [1 Area light]

Subsurface Scattering; [3 Point lights].

Brazil R/S - 0.2.prerelease

w/ 1+Skylight: 2.44s
Same w/ Frensel Refl.: 5.33s
Scanline (no aa): 2.56s

My fruit scene, re-rendered in Brazil. More information will follow shortly, but this one rendered in maybe 5 minutes, which is pretty fast considering the AA'd details, object lighting, falloffs, bounces and so on..

Simple DOF render of the Nokia 3210. [1 Point light + Skylight]

Simple Cornell box, about 20 bounces or so in this one. [1 Point light]

This is originally made by "zerofractal" and took about 12.5 hours to render in 0.1.4, so it was a simple remake to benchmark the speed increase. [1 Point light] [Model by 3rd Party]

A very nice Cornell box render. [Object light only]

Similar as the first cornell box, but with a sphere with caustics. Produced this trippy little disco ball due to certain settings.

Very simple, setup, mats and render in less than 10 minutes, but looked nifty. No "fancy" technique in this image.

Quick caustic test, fairly low but alrite settings. Rendered in less than a minute. Objectlight and a weak, weak skylight to light up the dark areas..

Same scene as the previous one, but with this 300.000 poly plane instead. Those light areas on the floor are caustics and not any reflections. Objectlight and a weak, weak skylight to light up the dark areas..

Just a lil test with my "Mont Blanc" scene.. this one is DOFd

Just a lil test with my "Mont Blanc" scene.

Brazil R/S 0.1.3 - Brazil R/S 0.1.4
These are just some old renders that I found laying around.

I fucked up the material a bit before rendering, but thought the result got sorta trippy ;)

Note; regarding images with models listed as [3rd party] The Bunny and Dragon comes from the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. The Athena model is from Viewpoint.

Brazil R/S Links
http://www.splutterfish.com - All information can be found here suchs as pricing, features and so on..

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