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What is "high dynamic range"? Why do my reflections look so flat? Why do bright lights leave streaks at night when shot under long exposure?

Lets explore HDRI - High Dynamic Range Images - and luminance space in this second issue of "Type'd" - READ MORE

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[02 12 2006] - That was sure one busy year it seems like -- I'm still here in SF at ILM. The new office space is awesome and makes the commute so much nicer, I love being back in SF fulltime. I hope you got a chance to catch Revenge of the Sith and The Island, if not I hope to get some shots up here within the not so far future.

Also, found this nice little free "unbiased" renderer a week ago named Indigo. Real fun to play around with and as such I scripted up a 3dsmax interface for it. Give it a shot in case youre bored ;)
               tIndigoLink Download & Notes

[12 26 2004] - The events that we so often create in the effects we work on, have been recreated by mother nature itself.Send help in the simplest way imaginable through the Red Cross (or similar) organization:

Disaster relief for Asia:
   Red Cross / Red Crescent
   Swedish Red Cross
   American Red Cross

As usual, I'm donating 50 cents per newsletter subscriber (12/30 at +251.00 USD) and hereby encourage vfx professionals, cg forums and cg magazines to take similar actions.

[12 12 2004] - Note* I've moved again. All numbers and addresses are invalid now, so if you havn't received my "moving"-note, contact me.

[04 29 2004] - Things have been going great here so far. Im now settled in at the matte department of Industrial Light & Magic where I started working in December. Make sure you check out Van Helsing that opens up soon ;)

Due to the amount of spam my public email gets, make sure you follow the directions on the about page if you are trying to get in touch with me.

[01 24 2004] - Finally back online and got my studio equipment up. San Francisco is as wonderful as before and the new job is awesome with some very inspiring peers and projects.

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