Work In Progress :: Nokia 3210

[06 06 2001] - You WILL be able to download this model in the near future. Im just trying to see where and how and all that. Keep your eyes on this page in the future for more information.

[05 17 2001] - So, finished up this model now. Ive been a bit slow in updating this page, so sorry for that. Anyway, the final got about 100.000 faces or so.. not too bad.. The top image here is a "sketch" for a scene Ill do for the phone and the 2 bottom ones are just "product" images.

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[05 14 2001] - Ok, so I havnt finished it yet, didnt really have any time to work on it until a few hours today. Anyway, thought you might want to see the latest ones. Getting close to finish the whole thing up. Meaning the two button on the front Im missing, a few details on the top of it, and a contact thing on the back. Might be able to do that tonite, or at least tomorrow. Then Ill start surfacing it so I can move on to another lil thing ;P

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[05 12 2001] - Started this one. No real purpose, but a guy at had a 3210 and a scanner so I asked if he could scan some more views of it and he did ;) So, modelling this lil thing. Just as a quick experiment and suchs. Not up to the detail I usually put into the meshes but still fun. This is after a few hours of work and I hope to have the whole thing finished within a day or two..

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If you feel like giving a go at modeling the same phone, feel free to download these images: Nokia 3210 References

Recieved Feedback:
Atif Farooqui : N/A ::: Hi, -- H R You and I am fine and you -- are working very good Nakia -- and I keep on learn of 3dsMax -- now a days you tell me.very -- problem with me in 3dmax and -- very hard max.I am search of -- max tutorials and you tell me -- max website. -- ok -- By *****
Mattias : N/A ::: Nice work not to creative but nice models. : ) polarn
James : N/A ::: your 3d skill is really brilliant but I think you already know it. Is it possible that you can tell me how you modelling this phone? -- Mnay thanks and keep the good job.
Paresh : ::: great model really liked the realism , in fact i modelled something similar in Houdini for my demo.Keep it coming cheers !!
empyrium : N/A ::: this very realistic work. -- Congratulation!!!
kondor : N/A ::: strange, there's something not clear
John Aldrich : N/A ::: Nicely done. Any plans to model other household things like this?
kiki : N/A ::: salut
runmax : N/A ::: Great! -- How did you modeling it??
toto : N/A ::: good
Black_jek : N/A ::: I from Ukraine -- Has downloaded your model and is very happy
Optiks : N/A ::: Amazing. Simply amazing. Looks almost to real to be true! I wish I had your 3D Studio tallents :)
rochus : N/A ::: great stuff I think this is very good and i want to publicise your images if you haven`t aything against that -- I'm going to make a forum about 3d-max and other softwares i'llgive you my adress when my page is online
cooldream : N/A ::: OH,your drawing will good !
Phil : N/A ::: Ya! to Tutorials. If only to take the pain out of this kind of modelling for the less worthy. Ya it would be nice.
robb : N/A ::: brilliant, any chance of adding tutorials or Max files for us mortals to see how you're amazing effects are achieved??
shashank : N/A ::: very good,really.
Arve Solli : N/A ::: You are the worlds best in 3d studio max!!!!!!!!! I love your models!!!!!!!
RipTech : N/A ::: yeah! ;P -- great stuff, man
Mike : N/A ::: Real nice textures!
rob : N/A ::: Damn! ..youre quick :)
zman : N/A ::: looking exact so far. -- keep it up
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