Happy 2K1 : Champagne:

[01 01 2001] - Happy new year (2001) image I made, dedicated to my sweet girlfriend.

I Think I used basically every modelling technique imaginable for this one.

- Glass was made of a lathed spline.
- Liquid made of cloned lathed spline.
- Strawberries made with boxmodeling.
- Strawberries leafs made with spline extrusion.
- Calla lillies made with Surface Tools.
- Surface bubbles made with mesh editied lathed spline.

Note: Only procedural textures was used for this image.

Click to view image.

Click to view image.

Recieved Feedback:
rainbowimages : N/A ::: i hate you !!!! what you did made me throw all my ideas out the window!!!! Really though, this is something i haven't seen in a while. that "3D thing" after the first work of art left me a little stunned......
farzad : N/A ::: am i dreaming...?!?!? you're amazing man,keep up the good work.may you explain for me more about brazil role and hdri in this work with an e-mail to me? thanks.
NoJo : N/A ::: Snyggt jobbat asså... -- kan du kanske skriva en tutorial om hur man gör wax material med brazil asså Sub-Surface Scattering.?? -- -- tack på förhand --
Toni Boyd : www.docutechgroup.com ::: Wow, thats really great. Congratulations
amine : N/A ::: je vous des fichies .max qui contien des objet biologique pour me setenir pour faire un film scientifique dont l'objet de la biologie moleculaire
BERNRDO : N/A ::: WE ALL LOVE U!! love, esther
BERNRDO : N/A ::: WE ALL LOVE U!! love, esther
erik : N/A ::: snyggt..
audrirose : N/A ::: wowsers if you did this danny all i can say is im proud and its wonderfull simply amazing
Javalli : N/A ::: very excellent -- Very good
vic : ::: ho~~that's so good~
Colin : N/A ::: I can't beleive you, you suck (Not really I'm just pissed). I thought I had this great original idea for a champagne glass and some strawberries, and now I see you've done it. And your's is way better than mine is coming along. -- -- Nice work it looks great.
glix : N/A ::: your family is proud of u
Felipe : http://www.kuantis.com ::: That is GREAT, looks very real, it is just great, congratulations -- -- :)
gabriele protti : N/A ::: Beautiful, really you are very clever. The objects that astonished me are surface bubbles and strawberries. I'm thirsty!!
andrew : N/A ::: I agree with Martin, your technique yeilds magnificent results, but there comes a time when you have to get past the novelty of the painstaking detail involved and try to achieve interesting images through compostion and tonal range. I think of this as very similar to painting, once an artist painting masters technique, he starts seriously thinking about compostion and tones. I would be very interested to see you bring your work to the next level.
Andre Ferwerda : N/A ::: I really like your work you are a great artist.
Carlos : www.ars9.com ::: Very excelent, your work. -- Congratulations.
Carlos : www.ars9.com ::: Very excelent, your work. -- Congratulations.
tom kelly : www.andwersville.com ::: oooo forgot great work !!!!!
tom kelly : www.andwersville.com ::: have you found work? if not, how about some side work for my company (we build and import hotel furniture). i need someone to 3d some of my cad work as i do not have time to learn this 3d stuff as much as i would like. if so, contact me at nagg1000@lvcm.com (las vegas). thanks tom
Bindea Marius : www.dreams3d.f2s.com ::: All I see is excelent. -- Good job!
Balaji : N/A ::: Your works are amazingly splendid. They are to be preserved. I wish this art is sustained.
Psy : www.fatjungle.com ::: your my hero, please write more tutorials
Sebastiano Fantasia : http://Comastudios.interfree.it ::: Congratulation, very very gooood!
nisme : www.1cooling.com ::: web design
isa : N/A ::: La vaig veure de casualitat!!!!! -- de conya!!! -- molt be! -- tres bien!! -- molto bene!!! -- very cool!!!! -- oso ondo!!!!!!!!
Bjørn Harald Myhre : www.nexza.com ::: This is smooooooooooth!
Dae : http://altezza.net ::: I have to hand it to you, you did a damn good job, keep up the good work, and I'll keep on coming back.
lesen : N/A ::: Super nice man, fucking good job but, -- you should try with CAUSTIC it could -- be amazing. -- Nice job.
Martin : N/A ::: Excellent work! The modeling/texturing/lighting/etc. is just about flawless in my opinion - so I would only suggest that you try pushing creativity in terms of content and composition. I mean, once you make a photorealistic image like this, the possibilities are endless...
RconR : http://www.RconR.com ::: This are the kind of things that made want more time on my hands. Kudos, this looks goooood...
NightPreacher : http://www.mtech.com ::: So who really made this? It looks like something out of FF8 bloody impressive, who did ya sacrifice to be able to do that then? And does God work for you?
marco : http://www.8flights.net ::: Super sweet man! i went to school for computer animation. if you went to my school, i would have sat next to you in my 3d classes!! -- keep it up!
dannyglix : www.2027.org ::: Wow, thats really hot. Keep it coming.
Roine : N/A ::: Mycket tjusigt gjort. Hälsa April.
mtait : http://www.dangerz.net/test1/ ::: Made me thirsty.
Newt (David) : http://www.blink-studios.com ::: This is awesome, I love it. It looks so real I just want to drink it and choke on a strawberry! Outstanding work! P.S. I too will marry you.
Wiro : www.secondreality.ch ::: Very nice lighting! Some aliasing artifacts though, supersampling or MitNet Antialiasing might have helped. -- But nice and serene.
Levantulee : www.owlarts.com ::: Good job man..looks great..maybe we can talk a bit together about our styles..check my page and contact me by icq ok?
[P]aradox : N/A ::: I'm off to go stare at a few of those now...Good job on the texturing too!
soontekk : http://www.siliconimage.be ::: love ur work, love ur site, love ur style, i'd even marry u if it made any sense... carry on bro!
Adrian Hartrey : N/A ::: wow, i love it, looks even better on the maxforums page, cause its bigger!!! hey, could you throw me a few tips on the liquid material please???
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