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[Newest updates and pictures on top of page, Im not that concerned with making thumbnails for WIP pages -- expect filesize to be fairly big]

[30 22 2001] - Started this new little image, it a continuation of some experiements Ive done modelling liquids. I still have some areas to improve, such as:
- More bubbles
- Add tiny bubbles..
- Look into getting a more frosty/whitish look to the ice
- Distort the water column more
- Changing the 2 bottom peices of ice?

Though, im fairly happy with the overall look of it, especially since Im looking more towards a "poster" look than a pure realistic one. Im especially happy with the top ice cube.. thought that came out pretty neat ;)

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Recieved Feedback:
Ram : N/A ::: I was amazed to get a glimpse of this picture recently. -- -- May I know the exposure details how this picture was taken, if you find time to reply?. -- -- May I share this picture with my friends? -- -- Sincerely yours, -- ram
Camilo : N/A ::: This is awesome work, could you please share with us some of your knowledge? -- I work in a glass manufacturing plant and they are stunned by your work. -- Any suggestions or tutorials -- -- Thanks
leonardo : N/A ::: what a very nice glass effect can you teach me how to use it using a flat shape like window glass. --
rainbowimages : N/A ::: mou aresei para poli! whatever, that means i like it alot
Dark Insanity : N/A ::: *stunned silence* How the hell did you do that?! You have great potential...... ^ _^
Dark Angel : N/A ::: Sorry about sending that so many times!!!!!
Dark Angel : N/A ::: Nice.....Gotta admit this is really cool. ^ _^
Dark Angel : N/A ::: Nice.....Gotta admit its pretty cool. ^ _^
obaid : N/A ::: i saw ur water image its too cool i never seen before i really enjoy to seeeeeeeeeeeeee this image i m new learner in the 3d world i want learn more will u help me to mail me how u buld this image i will be thanks full to u
R. Ricardo Rodea R. : N/A ::: Magnífico, esto si es una obra de arte. Felicidades
allal b : N/A ::: I want to know users of 3ds max from algeria.: ->
Raj : ::: Hey it's looking excellent.
J Preston : ::: I really enjoy looking and getting inspired from you work. I have a question for you, do you create water tutorials. there is one image on your site that you created with Brazil, using a blue liquid. Could you show me how it was created, I am having a hard time finding the tutorial that will show me how to creat a blue water type gel. I am completely a newby.
Goetterfunke : N/A ::: this is very cool. i´ve tryed to make water long time ago but i don´t finished my worke it´s to difficult
Renji Mathews : N/A ::: Absolutely Incredible work!! I came across your site when I was looking for resources on creating realistic glass in Max. I am currently working on a project for a Glass manufacturer. If you can share any info about lighting setup, textures used in the frosty image - it would be really great!! Keep up the fab work!!
mohammad : N/A ::: hi....... -- best of the best........................................................................................
Danne : N/A ::: Snyggt! Niiccce! Now give us a tutorial how to do it! :P
jenny : N/A ::: i bow to you -- amazing -- pls could you send me the file so i could study it -- simply peechless
woody : N/A ::: I'M SURE... ALL OF U GUYS HERE.. R BETTER THAN ME.. COS FOR THIS GREAT IMAGE U GUYS DID LEAVE A COMPLIMENT...I'M SPEECHLESS... -- i suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk -- Biggggggggggggg time in 3D.. -- i am ashamed of myself.. -- i need a dose of my cough syrup.. -- to feel dousy and forget all some ppl r sooo great
Dylan : N/A ::: That's is awesome. -- How did you..What did you..That's uh..SWEET keep up th good work man. U used brazil rite. I suk at cgi compared to..Ya i Quit
Manoj : ::: Great one! Really inspiring....started out on max. Which program did you do the glass in? -- Regards, -- Manoj
Bradley Stone : ::: Hey it looks good to me
Harshdeep : ::: really realistic perfection...i want 2 reach the same quality
pindawg : N/A ::: WoW, -- -- Will you do my homework for me???
anil : N/A ::: That was a perfect glass of all i seen till now .Keep up the good work -- -- byeeeeeeeee\anil
dabdabdab : N/A ::: ASTONISHED ... i'm from Italy ... i've never seen something like this ... now i use this for my desktop (i hope isn't a problem for you) to remember me how much i have still to learn (first thing my english i suppose :)) ... congratulations ... Dab
Igor : N/A ::: jaw hit the floor !!! -- G R E A T ! ! ! -- Congratulations !
G I Jane : N/A ::: What is it????? -- -- I dont understand it......i think its a bit boring, doesn't look very realistic either... -- -- Keep at it, you might get good one day.....try using spheres for the ice and a box the the glass....simple, but effective. -- -- First prize? you must have been the only entry!
: N/A :::
Axe(From India) : N/A ::: AAARGH.........I AM SPEECHLESS!! -- -- HATZ OFF
thomas : N/A ::: hey, what camera did you use on this shot?
Fábio : ::: Eu faço isso de olhos fechados. heheheehehe
lollie : N/A ::: great :)
: N/A :::
afrolystic : N/A ::: Photographic! You must have went to a four year school for texturing alone. I like that you are not happy with it though. I'd like to see your work when you are satisfied. One day I'll do work like this.
Cmac : N/A ::: Very nice, nuff said.
Dale Meece : , ::: Dang!!!!!!!! -- What kind of animator are you? -- That is the best work that I have ever seen! Great job! -- What program did you use to create those images? -- I especially like the glass. -- Keep up the Awesome work! :-) -- -- Dale Meece
mat' : N/A ::: you're too hard with yourself. I have 3DSMax too and I know how difficult it is to render something like this glass of water. That's actually really nice work. Special mention for the lighting!!!
doyokorn : N/A ::: wow!..congratulation....i like's look real..
Micke : ::: I´ve heard a lot about virtual reality, but I have never seen it anywhere -until now... a fantastic looking glass of water, well done.
Mikael : ::: I´ve heard a lot about virtual reality, but I have never seen it anywhere -until now... a fantastic looking glass of water, well done. --
dan : N/A ::: Wow. That is the best glass I've ever seen. That is AMAZING!
AlterMInd : N/A ::: w00t..... okay... I give up on 3D... I am totally outnumbered
Brian : N/A ::: Wow! All i can say is WOW! That is such an amazing picture, i have previously attemted to make what you have accomplished and i am utterly stunned that someone actually did it. After trying many times, i can never get my glass to look right, or the water. I would greatly appreciate it if you would make a tutorial about how you came to make this, or if you could e-mail me the Max file for reference and study. Thanks Alot, Brian.
julian : N/A ::: Nice rendering! Keep up the good work. I've long had trouble creating realistic looking glass in Max.I consider myself as an entry level at using Max. Can you -- pls tell me how to create a good rendition of glass in Max, eg.window glass?
ca95f : N/A ::: Great work. Very nice rendering. -- Just one thing though. As I did last year a similar still for a client (it was a glass of beer actually), the only thing you should think is wether the glass should look as clear as it looks. When you put something cold in a glass almost immediately, water droplets appear on the outside because the vapour in the atmospheric air cools and forms it. Sometimes when the droples get too big and heavy, they collapse running downthe surface, taking down more droplets in their way. Fill a glass with ice water, wait for a minute and watch it carefully.
mb : N/A ::: bravo
Samtawwww : N/A ::: great pic, if you can send me the max file to study , will be greatly appreciated
Emad : N/A ::: i realy realy like ur work alot.. u feel the artist soul in it.. -- i realy like the water scense alot.. -- so plzzzz can u send me ur max file plzzzzzz --
MrCAD : ::: Very nice work indeed..keep up the good work...Keep it going
alex kuak : N/A ::: i am a *young*3ds max user in Taiwan.i like this picture very much.i do a commecial works everyday in TW. -- i am so please that if you can -- send me the *Falling Water* max files for as learn something good from you.Thank you very much!!
masood : N/A ::: I have surprised when I see the picture . as a matter of fact I didn't know that max can be so powerfull. -- please send me your max file if you can may be I learn more about max. -- Thank you very much.
Ubby : N/A ::: The glass effect is fantastic; perhaps the perspective could be better, and the border more visible
Kris : N/A ::: It's reaaly amzing! Great work!! -- One question of course: Did you use any photo as a reference to model the liquid? Don't tell me please that this is youre pure imagination... :)
Jack J : N/A ::: Hi -- Great work! -- The only question I have is - Could you bump up the refraction index at the edges of the glass? -- In Maya you could assign Sampler info node to the refraction index, is it possible in Max? -- Also water should have just a bit tider specular index (now it looks like a white oil) -- Other then that Great work -- ps. I don't care much for the Napster logo on Draken (like napster but there is time and place for everythink, if you really wonted to put it down there you should "dirt it up" a bit -- Jack J
jiri fryda : N/A ::: Hejsa! -- What about tutorial how was done this great piece of art? It should be vere helpfil for us, who is on smaller level ... Thanx anyway.
khaled : N/A ::: thank you about this work i see that you are giving to the user of -- 3dsmax hope to continous in this road,thank you very mutch. -- i am from algeria and not terrorist.
Larry : ::: Wow! This is amazing! It is so unbelievably realistic.
Irina : N/A ::: I am in love with this glass...
Mike : N/A ::: Congratulations on the 1st prize ;) Hope the books are good.
micke : N/A ::: mmmycket snyggt. håller själv på med MAYA. funderar på att byta till Max. Konstigt va?
Tammi : N/A ::: Just like Drew I got 3d Max 4 and can't seem to make anything. I have 3 book on 3d Studio Max since version 2 but only little progress. Since version 4 I've done 3 animation tutorials on Particle System and I'm very happy with myself. Ever since I saw your work for the falling water contest, I really want to learn more ane more. I really admire your works!! -- -- Is there any good books out there you would recommend me to buy? Cause one day I would love to show you my wonderful works. -- -- P.S. Ihave your glass of water picture as wallpaper to aspire my everyday. :))
Tjakalen : N/A ::: Man blir ju törstig! In my opinion this is the perfect glas of water, keep this up and u will have coca-cola banging your door in no time :D --
drew : N/A ::: i got 3ds max bout one month ago, ive not got a book yet im just teaching myself, and it is work like yours that inspires me to learn this package. i loved your last finished piece, the fruit still life. -- keep up the good work
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05-11-01 - Got the 1st prize award in's contest with the theme "Falling Water".

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