Work In Progress :: J35 J Draken

[Newest updates and pictures on top of page, Im not that concerned with
making thumbnails for WIP pages -- expect filesize to be fairly big]

[05 11 2001] - Just another lil nifty render that I wanted to put up here, it just shows some of the added detail a bit more.
[Click to view image]

[04 09 2001] - Latest render, and probably one of the last with this model..
[Click to view image]

(Note: 09 May 2001 - Featured in the Planet3d gallery.)

[11 18 2000] - Re-rendered the animation with the latest mesh.
600x334; ~740kb; Divx

[11 18 2000] - Uploaded some more images. Most objects have their final texture by now, except ensignas and ids which Im not really happy with yet. The model is rendered at non-hero resolution here, which means certain small errors are visible.

There also a movie that you can download:
Animation taken offline --- 600x334; ~500kb; Divx ---

[Click to view image]

[11 17 2000] - A few people have requested to see the low poly wireframe of the model, so here it is. Fairly hirez so you can zoom around with the gritty details if you like. Also uploaded the first texturing test render.

Wireframe rendered - 1200x667

[Click to view image]

[11 14 2000] - Im currently in progress of texturing it. I started out doing the grey (latest) version of the paintjob on it. But are now working on the more commonly seen green/blue camo instead. Hopefully Ill have some pictrues up as soon as possible.

[11 13 2000] - So, the mesh is almost finished on this picture:

[Click to view image]

[11 10 2000] - So did a bit of refining on the mesh today. Almost finished it up. Mesh is still not stitched though. All the rudders and airbrakes are going to be moveable on this mesh (just as the Gripen one), and are therefore separate objects.

I probably added around 10 hours of time to the mesh now. The cockpit, which currently includes seatbelts, HUD and such took around and 30 minutes.

[Click to view image]

[11 08 2000] - Started a new mesh, about 2 hours of work so far. Its going to be a J35 Draken. Which version is not really decided yet though. Poly modeled as usual. In this specific image the mesh has around 800 polygons before meshsmooth -- that will increase fast when I start detailing.

[Click to view image]

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