Work In Progress :: Mediterranean Stairs

[Newest updates and pictures on top of page, I'm not that concerned with making thumbnails for WIP pages -- expect filesize to be fairly big]

[06 06 2001] - The latest render of this scene, almost final now but still a few textures that need to be added. The railing and the wall on the left still needs to be touched up.

After this scene is all complete, Ill probably put together a little related tutorial [grass ;P] since I've gotten alot of questions about that.

Click to view image.

[05 09 2001] - Started this little thing a few days ago. Its mainly a texturing exercise for me, but is also based on all the time I've spent in the lovely Mediterranean countries. Im trying to recapture the feeling of a little town somewhere by the sea at sunset. Imagine that nice summer evening when the quicksilver is climbing upwards the 40C's, you sit at a bar, in the shadow mouthing a beer slowly. You see a meager little cat walking by, but you have no sense of knowing if its a homeless one or a fine breed out on a nice walk by itself...

Because its another texturing exercise for me, its one of those scenes which doesnt rely that much on modeling even to the point that its really really simple ;P As a contrast to the "Still Life : Translucent" image this one is based upon images that the textures are made out of.

Click to view image.

There is still a few things in this images that aren't textured yet. Those are:
-The railing on the stairs.
-The stairs, (tiles and cement).
-The "back wall" in the small area between the stairs and the next house.
-The tiles on the cement part of the railing
-The flower pots.
-The dirt in the flower pot.

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- Rendered in Brazil R/S, pre-release.

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