[12 19 2001] - Finished up this new still life of mine -- originally intended as a christmas present poster for my girlfriend. The original is 3500px wide and was printed on a 34.5"x23" poster.

Click to view image :: 93kb, JPEG;

All textures painted by hand and mixed with some worley bumpmaps. Rendered in Brazil R/S into a 3500px wide image and has therefore been extremely super sampled to get down to this size, because of that some of the more subtle detail like the fabric thread ain't that visible but it is in the 'real' version but can be seen on the 'closeups' shown below.

The geometry was modelled up very quickly to give a simplistic representation of the objects required in the scene and thereafter textured and rendered. After rendering some image treatment such as color correction and blur was put int he scene as well as that most of the 'torn' parts on the peel pieces on the right is painted there in photoshop.

The image itself was never intended to be photo realistic but more of a glamorous idealistic portrait shot. The satsuma itself has a cellular type of bump to get the overall bump and then a few bitmaps to bump the 'pores' and colorize them. Below is a little closeup of the skin at 1:1 resolution:

Most of the cloth in the back was laid on top of a few half spheres to get the overall shape. What did happen though is that it became a fairly straight line in the background that I un-smoothed so to say to get it more 'foldy'. Then for the cloth in the front which was flat after the simulation was adjusted to lay around the two satsumas a bit (i.e. those folds around them was created by dragging a few vertices up and down)

The 3500px one rendered in maybe 1-2 hours, and it was rendered with the Beta version (internal one) of Brazil R/S. Some of the settings is something like 0/4 AA, skylight strength at something like 0.7 to get some nice fill lighting and it's lit with a area light at strength 0.5.

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- All textures are handpainted. No scanned images or photos was used in making the textures.

- Rendered in Brazil R/S using an arealight and skylight for illumination. No GI.

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