Still Life - Translucent:

[03 20 2001] - So, last weekend I sat down and thought I should do a fairly quick scene to practice my texturing skills, so this is what I came up with. The composition itself is from a photo while all the textures are hand drawn in photoshop. No scanned images or premade textures was used for this image.

Click to view image :: 70kb, JPEG;

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- All textures are handpainted. No scanned images or photos was used in making the textures.

- A photo was used as a template for the composition.

- No GI was used, rendered with the standard scanline renderer in Max3


04-05-01 - Shown in the Planet 3D gallery.

03-26-01 - Shown in the 3D Total gallery, including "Daily" featured.

03-25-01 - Shown in the 3DCafe VIP gallery.

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