Work In Progress :: Valkyrie VF-1a

[Newest updates and pictures on top of page. Im not that concerned with making thumbnails for WIP pages -- expect filesize to be fairly big]

[04 09 2001] - Just wanted to share this lil movie with you guys, its the same principle as the last one (in fact it was rendered only a day or two after), but I added some more color and its a tad longer ;).
640x480; ~500kb; Divx

[03 13 2001] - Got a few moments yesterday, so finished up (I think) the cockpit modelling. Also the wings and about 50% of the tailfins, I dont have a render of the latter yet but will put one here as soon as possible. Played a bit with a raytraced reflection material as well.
Animation taken offline. --- 640x480; ~286kb; Divx ---

[Click to view full size]

[03 11 2001] - Put in a few more hours into this model now. Most of the objects are in their final detail, and Im currently working on the cockpit. I still have the tail fin and wings and a few other "wing" details to add after this. Hopefully Ill get it done by midweek or so.. Right now this model are going on the higher range poly-wise than the other models Ive done. Simply because Im trying to do this as photorealistic as possible.

[Click to view full size]

[03 06 2001] - Started this model. A Veritech -- Valkyrie Fighter from the Robotech [Sort of Macross ;) ] saga. If you have seen the anime sometime in your life you should recognize this one ;)

[Click to view full size]

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Variable Technology. Fighter/Gerwalk/ Battloid featured in the Robotech/Macross anime series from the mid 80's. The Valkyrie fighter [shown here] existed in a few flavors. The VF-1a, VF-1d, VF-1j and VF-1s.

Designation: VF-1A
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable.
Crew: 1 pilot.
Weight: 13.3 metric tons (dry)

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