[02 12 2006] - That was sure one busy year it seems like -- I'm still here in SF at ILM. The new office space is awesome and makes the commute so much nicer, I love being back in SF fulltime. I hope you got a chance to catch Revenge of the Sith and The Island, if not I hope to get some shots up here within the not so far future.

Also, found this nice little free "unbiased" renderer a week ago named Indigo. Real fun to play around with and as such I scripted up a 3dsmax interface for it. Give it a shot in case youre bored ;)
               tIndigoLink Download & Notes

[12 26 2004] - The events that we so often create in the effects we work on, have been recreated by mother nature itself.Send help in the simplest way imaginable through the Red Cross (or similar) organization:

Disaster relief for Asia:
   Red Cross / Red Crescent
   Swedish Red Cross
   American Red Cross

As usual, I'm donating 50 cents per newsletter subscriber (12/30 at +251.00 USD) and hereby encourage vfx professionals, cg forums and cg magazines to take similar actions.

[12 12 2004] - Note* I've moved again. All numbers and addresses are invalid now, so if you havn't received my "moving"-note, contact me.

[04 29 2004] - Things have been going great here so far. Im now settled in at the matte department of Industrial Light & Magic where I started working in December. Make sure you check out Van Helsing that opens up soon ;)

Due to the amount of spam my public email gets, make sure you follow the directions on the about page if you are trying to get in touch with me.

[01 24 2004] - Finally back online and got my studio equipment up. San Francisco is as wonderful as before and the new job is awesome with some very inspiring peers and projects.

[11 22 2003] - Gave notice this past Thursday to VisualArt, I am going to move back to San Francisco very shortly and will post more info as soon as possible. VisualArt is looking for a good man/woman with knowledge of Maya and Pixar Renderman, inquires can be sent to visualart@visualart.se.

[10 27 2003] - About 2 weeks ago, 13th of October, I started working as a CG artist at Visual Art in Stockholm. This time its all Maya and Renderman thats being used.

[10 06 2003] - This week is my last week at Kaktus Film. On Monday its over to another local shop here in Stockholm, Sweden. More information to follow in a few weeks..

[07 30 2003] - Just back from vacationing with my Sambo (live-with girlfriend) in Paris and Copenhagen but are back online now -- the long absence have totally flooded my email box though so if you sent a email lately that hasnt been answered feel free to resend it.
  Im still working at Kaktus Film here in Stockholm, Sweden and are also doing a lot of freelance work at the moment from my own company -- hopefully Ill be able to show more of that in a few months. Other than that I have a few projects running at the moment and my goal is to get some scripts (a set (some 10 scripts) of lighting tools, a rendermanager and a few other utilities) and new images up within the near future.

[10 18 2002] - Been moving again and to my dismay it seems to take a lot longer to hook internet up to my new apartment in Stockholm, Sweden than I first would have thought -- so if it takes a long time for you to get a response on a email youve sent its just that I havnt been able to get it yet.

[08 18 2002] - Seems as viruses use the web more than us humans nowadays, anyway -- no virus emails are sent from any address at the Trinisica.com domain. If you receive one thats using a trinisica.com in the 'from' line it is faked and I can not do anything to stop those. On a related note, no unsolicited attachments are accepted so if you need to send me something you need to clear it first.

[07 23 2002] - Recently signed on with Kaktus Film in Stockholm, so had my first awesome work day this monday. If you're a 3d professional in the Stockholm region, feel free to send me a email and we'll go and grab a few beers :)

[07 02 2002] - I'm back online! .. well actually I've been that for about 2 weeks but I now got more or less settled here in Uppsala (just north of Stockholm) and hope to get some time to get some new images and type'd issues online for you guys. So, start sending those email's and Ill be able answer again.

[05 22 2002] - So, another one moves away from San Francisco -- I'm going offline now for 2-3 weeks while I am relocating to Sweden. For all of you who live there I will see you in old Svea, for any email's during this time Ill respond as soon as the studio is hooked in and back up and running but that might be as late as mid June.

[05 06 2002] - My (former) web hosting company decided to pull the plug on this site after it had been "using an over abundance of resources". So, took me a while to get everything back up but hopefully it should be running smoothly for another couple of years or so.
  If you sent me an email sometime during April/May and didn't get a response, please resend it since I probably never got it.
  If you subscribed to the newsletter during April please resubmit that as well since it is most likely not in the database.

Welcome back :)

[03 17 2002] - Updated the Brazil R/S gallery with a few oldish images Ive had laying around for a little while.

[01 10 2002] - Updated the About/FAQ and the View/Projects pages and added some more of those overhead images you can see on this page.

[01 07 2002] - Just added the [subscribe to newsletter] option. If you subscribe to the newsletter you will get an email when I add a new image, script, type'd issue or some other news related to me or Trinisica.com

[01 04 2002] - Version 0.0.8 of the arealight script and documentation online, bitmap support added for basis as coloring of lights.

[12 28 2001] - Put the 0.0.7 version of the arealight script online. That and the new "Viewport Toggler" can be downloaded through the script page.

[12 26 2001] - Happy Holidays gang, just put one of my latest work online -- you can read more about the "Satsumas" on the dedicated gallery page

[10 31 2001] - Happy Halloween all! :) Just wanted to update this news-ticker a little since I haven't touched it in a while.

Aside from putting plenty new Brazil R/S renders online, I've been working a bit on some of the "old" projects that I got going. Hopefully there will be some visual results in the upcoming weeks. I've also started to work on my demoreel (yay) but don't hope to see that tooo soon ;)

A little testrender; [divx 4.01] 2 J35 Draken fly-by.

Still looking for a job. References, Resume and "stuff" available upon request..

September 11 2001 - My heart and thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends - and wish them all the best in this difficult time.
How to help:
To donate blood to the American Red Cross, call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE
To give money to the American Red Cross, call 1-800-HELP-NOW

[08 13 2001] - For your pleasure, a image rendered with Brazil 0.2."pre-release". More stats on the image itself, which you can see here. Enjoy ;)

[07 16 2001] - Recorded a little timelapse movie of myself modeling a human torso, click here to see it in Quicktime 5 or Divx

[07 08 2001] - Uploaded the latest project that I'm working on an F/A-18 D, go check it out ;)

[06 06 2001] - Updated my site with a few new images. A new scene from the "Movie Project" can be seen as well as a new render of the "Mediterranean Stairs" image.

Still looking for a job, so if you know anyone hiring (in California), feel free to let me know at trinisica@yahoo.com ;)

[06 01 2001] - Uploaded my latest script - Toggle [Show End Result] - click link to know more about it and the possibility to download it.

[05 11 2001] - The "Frosty" image got 1st place in The3DStudio.com latest contest on the theme falling water.

A few days ago I also started another texturing exercise, which you can see on the WIP page: "Mediterranean Stairs"

[04 09 2001] - Finished up my latest render, also visible in the "latest works" just below the main image on this page...

[03 20 2001] - Finished up my latest lil image: Still Life Translucent

[03 14 2001] - New model started: Valkyrie VF-1A

[03 08 2001] - Due to recent layoffs in the industry Im currently unemployed, so if you have a open position, freelance work or know of anything, I'd love if you'd let me know - trinisica@yahoo.com

[02 13 2001] - Do you love watching showreels or do you want to show your own off to the world? The Trinisica sponsored ReelCentral is just about that.. Register today! :)

[02 01 2001] - Just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback/comments youve written on my gallery pages and for giving my site almost 10.000 page views for the month of January ;) (its over 25.000 for the total lifespan of this site) Thanks! :)

If you ever want to chat, give me suggestions, ask a question or talk about some job -- don't hesitate to email me: trinisica@yahoo.com

[01 24 2001] - Started up the project page for "World War 3", go to it for more information about the game and my role and vehicles Im working on for it.

[01 12 2001] - Starting to finish up the modeling on my latest lil project that I currently work on. Watch my F.W Projekt 7 model..

[01 06 2001] - Finalized my link page. After youve checked out my work, do yourself a favor and explore some of the best 3d artists - in my opinion. Linkpage with thumbnails.

[01 01 2001] - Happy 2K1 everyone, uploaded a champagne image I made for this New Year.

[12 18 2000] - Started a new model last night, so right now Im working on this Asian Woman.

Also, I added some documents to the Download and Documents page that you can flick through. Right now its fairly slim but I hope to fill it up inthe future.

[12 02 2000] - Added another feature to the gallery pages, now you can comment publicly on each image/proejct.

Also uploaded the latest testrendering of the BMW.

[11 10 2000] - Started on a new model, a "J35 J Draken", take a peek:

Also, added my latest render of Andrea:

[10 30 2000] - I think Ive finished the torso of my "Anime Girl" now, take a peek. By the way, this mesh is now named "Andrea".

[10 25 2000] - What kind of things would you guys feel like seeing in the documents/downloads section? Materials, tutorials..?

Feel free to email me at trinisica@yahoo.com

[10 23 2000] - So, new version of the website up. Again. I really should stop redesigning it all the time..

[10 18 2000] - Some new images up on the "Anime Girl" page. Still not that happy with the model though, am I to harsh against myself?.

[10 16 2000] - Added new model to the gallery -- Look under Work In Progress and "Anime Girl".

[09 4 2000] - Been working on sorting the pictures into some pages so it will be easier for you to view them. Visit the Gallery page to view them, also some new test renders of the BMW.

Feel free to email me at trinisica@yahoo.com and tell me what you think of the site design and the images.

[08 24 2000] - 2 new test renders of the BMW Z8 is available on the Work-In-Progress page (scroll down a bit). I promise Ill start to arrange the things into the gallery and project areas..

[08 15 2000] - So second test render.. still feels like its a bit new to me this whole thing with animation.. its still feels jerky in certain areas and like I can't really get it the way I want.. but I'm getting better ;).. Ill probably tweak this scene until im happy with it and use in the final anim..
First:DIVX - 440x200 - [200k] - Grey background
Second:DIVX - 440x200 - [200k] - Darker Background

[08 14 2000] - So, started working on a little character animation, this is my first IK setup and animation. A teaser trailer can be seen just below, see if you recognize the movie ;) The final one will be a saber duel somewhere with the matches seen here. I'm still tweaking the script/storyboard for it.
DIVX - 440x200 - [300k]
Quicktime - 440x200 - [2mb]
Quicktime - 210x100 - [1mb]

[08 08 2000] - Fixed my Cyborg page, available in the gallery.

[08 08 2000] - Up with this lil site design. To see all the pictures I'm currently working on.. Work In Progress. Ill try to sort them up ASAP.

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